Jay Cross, author of Informal Learning, is putting together a Gallery of Exemplary Learning Graphics for the Learning 2006 Conference in Orlando, FL. The conference is hosted by Elliott Masie and is co-sponsored by ASTD.

Included in Jay’s gallery will be several idea maps including one from Debbie Showler of Whitby, Ontario, Megan Clark of Manchester, MI, and one of mine. If I can link you to the other Graphics examples, I will do that as well.

Mindjet has made this recording available along with the Webinar Resources. We had 460 attendees in this session. Click here if you would like to here the webinar.

Today’s webinar sponsored by Mindjet and hosted by Jamie Nast was recorded for your convenience and can be heard from WebEx by clicking here. Idea maps and other supporting materials will be available in the next day or two by going to www.mindjet.com/events.

On Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 10am Pacific Time, Jamie Nast will host a 1-hour web seminar titled “The Power of Collaboration”. Joining Jamie’s panelists will be two guests:

  • Kaizad Irani from Parkland College in Champaign, IL – Kaizad will be sharing his map and story about the design of the “World Trade Center Memorial Park”.
  • M. Kumar from BP’s Cherry Point Refinery in Blaine, WA – Kumar will share his map and story about the collaboration around what he calls the “Simulator Project”.

Although we have over 800 registered, technology has no limits on the number of participants! Join us for a fascinating hour of activities and learning. To register click here.


25 Sep 2006 In: Social Networking

This website called www.digg.com calls for public opinion on whether people “Digg” or choose to “Bury” various bits of information, photos, stories, etc, on these topics: Science, World & Business, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and Gaming. Your voting determines the popularity of the information.

Here is the link to the Idea Mapping ad copy that was put on this site to see if it could gain some publicity. You do have to register to vote, but it’s pretty painless. I just tried it out for myself. If you have trouble finding the ad after you register, search on this topic “Hilarious ad copy for Idea Mapping Book” under Business. If you like the ad, then click on “Digg it!” Lot’s of other fun things to see while you are at their site.

Many of you have been asking to see a Table of Contents (TOC) on Amazon. It is on its way! It just takes a short bit of time after Amazon receives the Idea Mapping book. Once they have a chance to scan the first couple of pages, the TOC will become available under the “Search Inside the Book” feature. Thank you for such enthusiastic interest!

Idea Mapping – Book Review by Chuck Frey

22 Sep 2006 In: Book Review

Chuck Frey has posted an excellent review on his Mind Mapping Software Weblog. Thanks Chuck!!

Television personality Richard Quest airs his monthly “Quest” program on CNN. On September 23/24 (Saturday 06:00, 14:00, 19:00 and Sunday 06:00, 19:00 ALL TIMES GMT) he will air one called “The Quest for Genius.”
This month on Quest, we take a journey into the human mind, the complex gray matter that distinguishes us from the rest of life on Earth. Along the way, we will explore the concept of genius, the mysterious workings of the brain and whether Richard Quest is as smart as he thinks…
In the program, Quest will interview chess player Garry Kasparov, Dr. James Watson of DNA fame, Kim Peek (AKA the Rain Man)—and Tony Buzan. Of Buzan, CNN writes: “Having founded the World Memory Championships more than a decade ago, Buzan is convinced the computer inside us knows no boundaries if we teach it how to work properly. Quest puts Buzan’s pioneering mind-mapping techniques to the test in the vain hope he can salvage what little memory he has left

An article titled “The Truth about Brainstorming” features a mind map from IDEO’s founder, David Kelley.

PR WEB – Press Release News Wire

18 Sep 2006 In: idea mapping book

PR WEB has made the press release available online for Jamie Nast’s Idea Mapping book. Alternatively you can go to Google or Yahoo searches, type in “Idea Mapping” and click on NEWS.

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