Saline Leadership Institute (SLI)

13 Nov 2006 In: Idea Mapping Workshops

Each year since 1998, the SLI out of Saline, Michigan invites a group of 25-35 key individuals from the community to participate in a 9-month advanced and innovative leadership program. Attendees are leaders from local government, businesses, schools, and healthcare backgrounds. They kick off with a retreat and then meet for a day once a month to learn a variety of skills. Idea Mapping has been on the agenda since 2001, and I’ve been been priviledged to facilitate these sessions. This year’s session is coming up on November 16th. We will soon have 25 new idea mappers joining the ranks!

Idea Mapping Book Review

7 Nov 2006 In: Book Review

I stumbled across a very unique website and found they had done a book review of Idea Mapping. See to see a great website and book review.

I just found out today that my Idea Mapping book is available at the main Times Newslink outlet in Changi International Airport. Has anyone seen it in any other bookstores in Singapore? It would be nice to let my friends in Singapore know.

On October 30 & 31 a new group of Ford IT professionals went through the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. For those of you who are familiar with the content — you should have seen their portrait drawings. They were amazing! I’ll try to put a few examples on this blog when I get them.

I am thrilled to announce that the Idea Mapping Workshop will debut in Singapore May 1-2, 2007. We are partnering with a beautiful 5-star hotel that is nestled next to the historic Singapore River. All registrations must be in by March 21, 2007 in order for all of the supplies to be ordered and shipped in time. Click here to register or view the course abstract for more information.

See you in Singapore!!

Official Opening of The Learning Consortium

25 Oct 2006 In: Vanda North

We at NastGroup, Inc. are thrilled to be one of the founding members of The Learning Consortium, a global orgainzation based out of the UK. Idea Mapping will be one of the major offerings for this new organization.

The Learning Consortium is an idea initiated by Vanda North (past president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching, and founder and past CEO of Buzan Centres worldwide). Vanda has crafted a portal where you can find the best people, products & programs around thinking, learning, creativity, and living. Please visit the website at to see the current offerings:

Jamie Nast’s new book, course & certification workshops on Idea Mapping
Conni Gordon and her 4-step art method course & certification
Vanda North’s suite of seminars on the
Art of Self Leadership
Anthony Willoughby’s Territory Mapping on the Great Wall of China!
Michael Gelb’s
How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci seminar & certification
Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats seminars
Gordon Dryden’s
Healthy Revolution!

For information on global seminars, email Tracey Berry or call +44 (0) 1202 674 676.

On October 20th, Dave Gunby was the key note speaker for the Project Management Institute Conference. His topic: “Project Map-agement; Idea Mapping for Project Managers” was delivered to 550 people. He did a very short piece on how to Idea Map, one or two short practices, then some Project Management examples. You can find a few of his examples at

Mindjet Blog Reviews Idea Mapping Book

18 Oct 2006 In: Book Review, Mindjet

Click here to see Hobie Swan’s recent comments on the Idea Mapping book.

Vince Stamey is a Project Manager for an Ohio Investment Firm. He has submitted a new Idea Map for viewing titled “Info Management & E-Mail Compliance Review”. To view his map click here.

The Wikipedia entry for “Brainstorming” now includes a brief overview of the Team Idea Mapping Method as discussed in Chapter 9 of Idea Mapping.

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