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See the posting on July 6th for the background and Part One of this story. Part two was posted on July 8th. Above you will see two more of the teams’ Idea Maps summarizing this conference. Part four and the final posting from this conference will be up later this week. Visit this blog again […]

See the posting on July 6th for the background and Part One of this story. Above you will see one of the teams at work on their draft along with the final version of their Idea Map summarizing this conference.

Kaizad Irani is the Program Director for Horticulture and Landscape Design at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. He recently attended a 2-week workshop in Kansas City called Drawing and Designing with Confidence taught by Mike Lin. Mike asked Kaizad to teach an Idea Mapping segment as a new tool to add to the participants “design […]

Linda Rex attended the 2-day “Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop“ held at ACH in June. She was asked to do some purchasing training on two processes/procedures, and thought this was a perfect opportunity to try mapping her lesson plan for this training. She used FreeMind 8.0 for this application.

On Friday June 22, 2007 I posted a map from Janet forton — a friend of mine that I had lost touch with. I had searched for her extensively when I was writing my book because I wanted to include this map which you see now. Two days after Friday’s posting, I got an email […]

On June 23, 2007 the News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois featured an article and the above map in their local paper. Kaizad Irani is an expert in landscape architecture and design, and a Certified Idea Mapping Instructor. He uses MindManager software to begin every landscape design. You can read this and the associated articles by clicking […]

This map was created back in 1995 by a workshop participant at EDS who I have since lost track of. She was studying the effects of caffeine. Janet Forton — if you’re out there somewhere, I’d love to meet you for coffee!

Today’s idea map was created by Roberto Vidales from Mexico City. His map outlines 8 principles applied to help writing a text correctly in Spanish.

This posting is dedicated to the attendees of today’s Mindjet webinar which will begin at 1PM EST. This map is the overview that participants will see as I walk them through several activities. Following the webinar, please feel free to share any comments or questions here. Listen to the recorded event (which lasted 45 minutes) […]

I received a note from Lisa who is one of my previous clients from BMC Software. She was going through her daughter’s end-of-year folder. Isabel is 7 years old, and wrote a paper about her mom. Lisa found this map that Isabel created prior to writing her paper. Thank you Lisa and Isabel.

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