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Idea Map #35 – An Idea Tree

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Roberto Vidales is an ecologist and has been using what he calls “idea trees” as a tool to develop an ecological-holistic view and consciousness about nature and the big challenges we are facing now as human beings — like the global warming or climatic disaster. He uses this idea tree as an educational tool to […]

After my July workshop at ACH, one of the participants (Karen Southworth) told one of the guys she worked with (Duane Lawrence) about the class. He is really interested in attending the upcoming October offering. This is what Karen shared with me: “Duane looked at Ray’s Idea Mapping book the other day, and checked out […]

In the June 22, 2007 blog posting, I shared an idea map that had been created by a friend of mine from EDS who attended the Idea Mapping Workshop that at that time was called Mind Matters. I had lost track of her. In the June 26, 2007 posting, I shared how Janet and I […]

Congratulations to the 23 new idea-mappers, jugglers, learners, memorizers, visionaries, and drawers! Last week 23 ACH employees attended the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. Attached are a few photos from the class. We were all entertained by Glenn’s dynamic “Make a Map” presentation. I’ll share their portraits, idea maps, and stories in future blogs.

This posting is a follow-up to yesterday’s final version of Liza’s meeting notes. Hint #12 involves when to re-create your idea map. Often times your purpose doesn’t require this, but in Liza’s case she was creating a useful document for public view. This gave her an opportunity to step back and think about the information […]

Liza Seiner (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) created this idea map during a 2-hour temple committee meeting. She took black/white notes with some images throughout the meeting, but felt that they were not very well organized for the various themes that were being discussed. So she went back and put these together. At this point, the […]

Kyle McFarlin is a Visual Strategy Expert out of Ashland, Ohio. He recently sent me this idea map which diagrams his odyssey through getting healthy. As you can see, one version of the map has its branches expanded. Today’s hint is a feature of the MindManager software. There are times when either you or your […]

During the summer of 2005, Vanda North’s map was featured on the cover of a publication called Royal Mail out of London, UK. Her idea map highlights the essence of a creative organization. The “Cre8” branch considers the basic aspects involved in the creative process. The “Individual” branch says the company is only as creative […]

Flickr is a site where you can upload your photos and other files. Most of the idea maps from this blog’s inception (and some others) can be seen at a glance on my page. It’s an easy way to scan through many — even though the descriptions are more complete on the blog. The squidoo […]

See the posting on July 6th for the background and Part One of this story. Part two was posted on July 8th, and part three on July 10th. Above you will see two more of the teams’ Idea Maps summarizing this conference. This is the final posting in this series.

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