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In the previous posting, you were trying to guess the first name of the participant who drew a picture of their name. Now I’ll give you the answer — Rutledge. I had some pretty funny possibilities, but no one came close to guessing. We’ll try an easier one in the next week or so. Bookmark […]

In 98% of my two-day workshops, I start out with an activity asking participants to create a nametent using images, color, symbols, and no more than two letters. The activity has several purposes: It acts as the introduction of participants. It sets the stage for an unusual workshop. The names are more memorable for everyone. […]

Daniel Pace was one of the participants in my recent June workshop and a Senior Business Process Analyst for the Larimer County Government in Ft. Collins, CO. Daniel will tell you his story in his own words: “Jamie, this is my first ‘real-time’ map. I did this exclusively in pencil, so that I would not […]

England During lated September and early October I will be teaching 5 workshops in London and Cologne, Germany for a large automotive company headquartered in southeastern Michigan. Before heading to Germany, I will be teaching my 2-day course titled “Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop” in Poole which boasts a beautiful view of the southern coast. […]

Joining me for the workshop in Toronto was CIMI (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) Debbie Showler from Whitby, Ontario. During this activity participants test their new drawing skill out by creating a cartoon face from a host of examples. Silly girl!

Why all the toys, you may ask? In many of the Idea Mapping Workshop photos in this blog you see people playing with various toys — lots of them! Many were the toys we grew up playing with.  Here is the rational behind their value: When learning is fun it is more memorable. It provides […]

I’m still catching up with news from some of the workshops I taught in June. This series will be from an organization out of Toronto called the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.  We have 22 new Idea Mappers! Niles created this map during the workshop and brings us up to Idea Map #116.

This is the third and final posting updating you on the Idea Mapping Workshop I taught in June for the Larimer County Government in Ft. Collins, CO. This first photo shows Dan’s idea map summarizing an overview of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits. (I’ve shared 6 previous maps on this same topic — all different. If […]

This is a follow-up to the previous post on July 11, 2008. In June 2008 I taught a 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop to the Larmier County Government organization. This first photo shows the group attempting to juggle before they actually learned. It’s total chaos and tons of FUN to watch! The second photo shows idea […]

I promised photos from some of my recent workshops. This is Part 1 of photos from a 2-day class I taught in June 2008 at Larimer County Government in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We had 26 enthusiastic participants! Over many years I have collected a plethora of toys to entertain my workshop participants. Recently I found […]

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