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The release of the Mindjet Newsletter was originally scheduled for June 17, 2008, so the original post went up that day. This map reviews “Connect” from a beginner’s mindset. For more on this new collaboration tool see the June 17, 2008 posting. This idea map is featured in today’s Mindjet Newsletter. Bookmark us!Close Bookmark and Share […]

I met Pete Wilkins in May of 2005 when I taught a Buzan Licensed Instructor Certification Course in Vancouver. Pete is the founder of the Kosmos Group a consulting company focused on leadership development and team performance. He works with leaders and teams to achieve their goals by bringing awareness to 3 domains of the […]

Last night concluded the Idea Mapping Certification Workshop that began on Sunday evening April 20. We met in Palm Beach, FL for a great time of fun and learning. The top photo features those who completed the 5-day course (a few missed the photo to catch flights). We were priviledged to have Vanda North with […]

FYI — See yesterday’s posting about the Idea Mapping Workshop. Vanda North will be joining us for the first half of the week! Yeah!

This Idea Map was created by Glenn Stennes during a brainstorming session to identify 2007 training needs of companies supported by an international donor funded assistance program. The initial map was created in real-time while projected on a screen for all participants to see. Imagery was added during pauses which helped stimulate the flow of […]

On September 28-29, 2007 Vanda North will be teaching the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop in Bournemouth, England. Review the course abstract and then register today.

During the summer of 2005, Vanda North’s map was featured on the cover of a publication called Royal Mail out of London, UK. Her idea map highlights the essence of a creative organization. The “Cre8” branch considers the basic aspects involved in the creative process. The “Individual” branch says the company is only as creative […]

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To celebrate my 150th blog posting, I bring you an update from my dear friend and colleague Vanda North. Vanda has launched The LearningConsortium — a web portal to promote all the BEST processes, products and people to assist you to become the Best YOU Can Be. Vanda has a suite of seminars, delivered in […]

See the posting on July 6th for the background and Part One of this story. Part two was posted on July 8th. Above you will see two more of the teams’ Idea Maps summarizing this conference. Part four and the final posting from this conference will be up later this week. Visit this blog again […]

This article was published in the July 9, 2007 edition of Newsweek Magazine. Click here for the online version. In a nutshell, the research in this article makes a case that the brain remains a work in progress for its entire life. For those who understand that their brains can change (and not stuck with […]

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The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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